Letter from President Phil Haines

Dear Members;
We have had to make some hard decisions in the past week, first to cancel the April meeting then to cancel the field day. I know many of you were looking forward to the field day as was I, but the HEALTH of our members must be MY top priority.

As we move through this unprecedented situation together, I just want to remind everyone we are a strong and knowledgably group of people.
As you maybe already aware the Spring festival in Laurinburg has been postponed, I would like to thank all the volunteers who were preparing for the event.
As we go forward we will keep everyone informed through email.
If anyone has any concerns or just need some guidance with their BEES, we are here to
help each other.
If you need help or have a question you may need answered please do not hesitate to call/text or email me and I will try my best to help or put you in touch with someone who can.

Hopefully we will be able to meet again in May or June.